Why I meditate...

I meditate so I can be an expression of consciousness.

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There is no perfect moment other than the present one. Prezence to me is being with what is but also bringing my heart energy to the present moment. And allowing my heart energy to expand the experience of being present to life just as it is.

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Aparna has been a student and practitioner of Ayurvedic wisdom on various levels for almost 20 years. Trained as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor (350 hours) through the American Institute of Vedic Studies, she is also certified through New World Ayurveda as a Spiritual Mentor (700 hours). Aparna has studied Ayurvedic Cosmetology with Vyoma Ayurveda in Mysore, India. She is a trained Panchakarma Technician from New World Ayurveda. Aparna is a certified instructor of the Heart-Based Meditation.


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