Why I meditate...

I meditate to unlock the expansive potential within each moment.

"Prezence is a container for observation and awareness. Our ability to witness the moment we are experiencing without attaching to any thought or sensation. To brush up against discomfort, hold it with compassion and breathe. When we are fully present we see our current circumstance with clarity, rather than through a lens of the past experience or future expectation."  

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Catie is educator, writer, curator of thoughtful experiences, and passionate practitioner based in Boston. Outside of the studio, you’ll find Catie reading with a warm cup of coffee, spending time in nature, traveling the world, laughing with friends, dabbling in mystical practices, writing, dancing anywhere/anytime and dreaming up her next big project. 


Follow Catie on Instagram @catiemacken, or on her website, www.catiemacken.com.