Why I meditate...

I meditate to help ground me throughout the day and remind me of what’s important when my anxiety starts to overwhelm me.

"Prezence means being able to center myself on what’s really important to me. Focusing my energy on my values and my true goals. Building habits to help pull me back to reality when my anxiety gets out of control. Finding calm in the storm. Finding confidence in myself."

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Meet Cierra! 26. Wisconsin native. Colorado living. Software sales currently. Lover of travel, the great outdoors, good food, and big dogs.


I have always struggled with finding my true passions and my purpose. So for the majority of my life, I’ve just followed the path of what’s practical and logical.


But after finding myself unhappy in my current situation, I’ve started a journey of finding myself and building healthy habits to support my mental health. I’ve started paying attention to what builds me up, to what I truly care about. And I’ve started taking steps (sometimes baby steps) to building a better life. A life full of gratitude, reflection, and confidence. Prezence has become a building block of that journey for me.


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