Spend your holidays together with Prezence

Virtual corporate offerings for holiday parties

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Corporate Offerings

Meditating on Beach


 Choose from live classes or customized pre-recorded content to celebrate your team.

Practising Yoga


Special classes led by our trusted Prezence guides


Move your body and release stress in this customizable virtual class.

Workout Lesson

Mindful alcohol/mocktail tasting

Happy hours will take on new meaning after this experience!

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Tarot Readings

Gift individual or group readings to your favorite customer.

Ocean Rocks

Stress Reduction Strategies

Inspired conversation and tools to build resilience to holiday stress.

Mindful Cooking Classes

A delicious and fun way to use mindfulness in your everyday life.

Cooking Eggs

Gratitude and Journaling Practices

Curated content for your company culture.