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Start and end your day with 2-minute mindfulness pauses inspired by DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy.)


Nurture your relationship to yourself, others, and technology with thoughtful meditations led by our Prezence guides.


Journal daily to reflect on your progress. Look back at how far you've come!

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Martin, Subscriber

My favorite part thing about Prezence is the opportunity for digital meetups through the app. This is an actual community. Practicing is always easier with others and this gives us a chance to connect.


Scott, Subscriber

Everything within Prezence is super meaningful and intentional but also super quick so I can fit in a moment of mindfulness even when I’m feeling busy/overwhelmed - which is when I need it most!


Jackie, Subscriber

I love the Prezence app. Finding it during quarantine has been a gift. It’s simple design is packed with features to support your journey inward. I love how it offers gentle reminders to check in, journal, and to unplug whenever you need. What a wonderful place to begin and end the day.