Why I meditate...

I meditate to help combat my anxiety, the everyday stressors that come up in my life, and to bring stillness into my life.

"Prezence means embracing where I am today and what I have in my life right now. It brings me to a place of love and gratitude and focusing on the "now", instead of focusing on what could have been or what might be."

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Hi I'm Izzy! I'm a health coach and trainer based in Boston, MA. I'm the founder and creator of the BodyLoveSoul Method & Wildflower Project. The BodyLoveSoul Method helps women overcome their body-shaming habits, shed the shame, and reclaim their confidence and self-worth. Wildflower Project is an initiative to bring women together to talk about mental health & break down the stigma of what mental health looks like. You can also find me teaching fitness classes at EveryBodyFights Hilltop & Burnin' By Ray.


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