Why I meditate...

I meditate to return home within myself and connect with all the parts of me so that I can feel whole.

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To me, Prezence is the infinite possibility of now.  It is the paradox of something so simple and timeless as this exact moment; and yet when we really dedicate our spacious awareness toward it, it becomes this profound place to taste life just as it is, without judgement - only a willingness to be with it with a curious spirit. 


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Jackie Paulson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and yoga instructor in the state of Iowa.  In her years of experience being with others amidst various challenges in their lives has come to believe that each person has an innate ability to integrate and “whole” themselves with the right support. Ultimately she appreciates being able to sit with others in a humble way and hopes to empower individuals to seek and connect into their own deep and sacred wisdom that resides within.


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