Why I meditate...

I meditate to quiet the world so I can listen deeper to myself & the divine. I meditate to find peace amidst the chaos of human existence. I meditate to tune in to my truths & soften my ego. I meditate to connect with my inner child & help her heal, to remind her she is loved & worthy of her wildest dreams. I meditate so I can show up better for the rest of humanity.

"The present moment is all we have. We have been conditioned to constantly live out the past or in the unknown future. Both of those leave us floundering & disconnected to ourselves & all the magic this world has to offer. Being present helps remind me that this is supposed to be fun, I’m here to experience & learn. I believe it’s a practice, to stay present. I feel at times “presence” has become a trendy buzzword convoluting what it means to be present. Presence isn’t spiritual bypassing. It’s not ignoring your thoughts or feelings. It’s a practice, reminding yourself all you have is here and now. Maintaining this practice maintains peace."

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Listen today.

What a wild ride it’s been. Being a human can be daunting, tumultuous, overwhelming. But when you slow it down, tune in, you are reminded & shown the magic of it all.


Bios are weird aren’t they? Trying to articulate all you are, all you’ve done, and all you inspire to be in a paragraph or two. I’m more of a chatty coffee date kind of gal but in short:


I have been a journey of self discovery for 26 years. Originating from Oahu, HI, raised in central Massachusetts & a semi-nomadic life by 19, I have found myself the more I lose myself. The ocean, the mountains, & the jungle are my go-to sacred spaces where I connect to mama earth & feel the inner power & connectivity within myself.


I’m a musician From the depths of my soul. I’ve been playing piano for 18 years, singing since I can remember (it’s cliche but it’s true), and picked up guitar & ukulele in high school. Music heals me. It connects me to something bigger than myself. Between my passion for writing & music, I have been able to reconnect to myself, my truth, my purpose.


I strive to be a bridge for those seeking tools that help support & cultivate healing while remaining warm, welcoming, & open-minded. I believe we are all here to learn, to love, & eventually, ascend. We might as well have fun while we do it!

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