Why I meditate...

I meditate because as someone who has a twenty-track mind that's always working overtime, sometimes I just need to sit in stillness and allow myself the grace and space to take a moment to breathe and be grounded. 

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"Prezence to me means bringing a conscious awareness to our surroundings. Especially in this time, we often find ourselves thinking ahead on what needs to be done or what we hope to get done, or thinking behind on the time that has already passed, which doesn't allow us to focus on where we are now. Prezence means taking the time to meet yourself where you're at, being comfortable with that space and expressing gratitude for what we have right now."

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Kelly Lennon is currently a second year graduate student studying Sport Administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a former Division I swimmer for the University of Vermont, she found a passion in student-athlete mental health when she experienced her own struggles during her time. Kelly co-founded a mental health initiative at Vermont, Rally Around Mental Health, placing emphasis on destigmatizing mental health while bringing increased awareness to the issues student-athletes face. Kelly found mindfulness and meditation to be one of the most useful tools for her in undergrad and continues to use it to ground herself to this day. Thanks to her older sister Kara's connection with Prezence founder Colleen Hayes (shoutout to the Merrimack Valley), Kelly was able to see Prezence become what it is today and has been so grateful to utilize it in her life. Living by the motto "relentless forward progress", Kelly believes that mental health is a continuous journey and not an ultimate destination. Kelly is also a big fan of all things college sport, donuts and tequila.

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