Why I meditate...

I meditate to stay grounded, seek clarity, and connect to my inner voice & higher power.

"To me, Prezence means arriving, acknowledging, and accepting. Arriving and actively being aware of whatever space I’m in without distractions or judgment. Acknowledging the moment for what it is - taking in the smells, sights, what I hear, my emotions, and what I’m thinking. And then, accepting/honoring the moment - knowing that my feelings are valid, no matter what they might look like!"

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Listen today.

My name is Kirstin LeMay and I live in Boston, MA. I’m on a mission to bring more love and light into this world, however, I can. My family, friends, and relationship with myself are my top priorities in life. I think it’s so important to create a loving and accepting relationship with yourself so that you can bring your best self into your friendships and the world around you. I love meeting new people and sharing experiences - I think the power of connection is extremely invaluable. 


When I’m not teaching an Instagram Live workout, you can find me drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a warm homemade cookie! I have a passion for “creating” - whether it’s taking photos, creating playlists, or interior decoration, my mind is always in “create mode.” Journaling is one of the centerpieces of my mindfulness practice. Whether I’m having a good day or a bad day, my journal is always there for me and allows me to reflect and process my emotions.


I consider my day made if I’ve been able to put a smile on someone else’s face. You never know what someone else is going through, so I try to meet others with love and kindness...always.

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