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Live Mindfully Series:


With Guest Speaker Ashley Mitchell from The Courage Campaign

March 11th @ 4:30PM EST

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Meet our Speaker


Ashley Mitchell

It would be easy to say that Ashley was born to lead, but in actuality, her leadership has blossomed through constant evolution; extracting lessons from life’s challenges, victories and ambiguity, while staying relentlessly focused on one thing – how does she help those around her become the best versions of themselves?

In 2018, Ashley and her husband Mark co-founded The Courage Campaign, a nonprofit whose mission is to leverage movement and the power of intention to redefine one’s relationship with fear to attain new levels of personal empowerment. They work with students and teachers alike on the topics of courage, resilience, and inclusivity, as well as raising money and awareness for students in under-resourced schools.
When asked about her teaching philosophy, she says it can be summed up in two quotes; the first is her own: “You can rest, but you can’t quit.” The other, a favorite from graduate school by Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”