Why I meditate...

I meditate to feel more connected to myself every day; focusing on the light rather than the dark- thought by thought, breath by breath.

"My presence holds power. By being present in every moment, I am creating, shaping, and influencing what happens next. Viewing the present moment with gratitude offers endless opportunities and allows me to release what no longer serves me."

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Listen today.

I started practicing yoga in 2008 to help release back pain from my scoliosis. Being in high school and not loving the hour long commitment and how “boring” yoga was being dragged by my mom, I stopped going and only sporadically practiced throughout college. I didn’t start practicing consistently again until 2016 when I arrived at “rock-bottom cafe” as a friend of mine likes to call it now. I felt lost in my career, my relationship, my lifestyle habits, and didn’t know how to get out of the rut I created for myself. Once I found CorePower Yoga near my job at the time, I could not get enough. Practicing daily turned into taking the plunge to do teacher training in Yoga Sculpt. After completing my training in early 2018, I have gone on to teach over 500 classes, participated in leading a round of Teacher Training at CorePower, obtained my 200hr RYT certification, and lead guided meditations. My practice has turned into the guiding light for how I live my life, feeling more connected to myself and my students every time I come to my mat.

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