Why I meditate...

Meditation has played a key role in helping me overcome many health-related issues as well as creating a space for me to be able to tap into my own power and intuition. I meditate to to calm my nervous system as well as a way to show gratitude for myself and others.

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"Prezence to me is unplugging from material things/technology and plugging into myself and my intentions for the day. It also makes me appreciate the little things more and show love and compassion to others."

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Hi I’m Morgan and I am a holistic health coach, who is also pursuing a Master’s in Nutrition and am a 200 HR RYT in the making. I am passionate about helping others cultivate self love and inner peace by finding balance on and off of our plates. I aim to inspire others to create healthy habits to transform their mind, body, and soul in becoming their most vibrant selves.