Why I meditate...

We meditate to drop back into the present (prezent 😊) moment.

"Prezence to us is truly being in the moment. We have a motto that wherever we are we will be there completely. Not every moment is perfect but when you live in the present moment it means you will always be open to any and all opportunities of the future."

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Listen today.

We are mostlybalanced! We are Carleigh and Mia - best friends who have turner to each other for wellness and fitness tips, relationship advice and for honest conversation. We built Mostly Balanced to connect with a likeminded community and to open up conversation avoid wellness in an honest way. We both love eating healthy, meditating, and exercising, but we both also love pizza and ice cream and watching tv. At the end of the day, we live life without restriction and all we strive for is happiness and balance.