Why I meditate...

I meditate because I know that in any moment that I come back to my breath, I can begin again.

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Prezence is a way of being, an embodiment of witness, directing your full attention to this very moment.

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Nicoletta (Nico) Longo is a realtor, mindfulness consultant and Founder of NamaStay Sober and EquilibriOM. While traveling to both India and Bali Nico completed 700 hours of Yoga Alliance training in various meditation and mindfulness techniques. Today, Nico combines traditional meditation practices with modern techniques, creating tangible improvements in both individual and corporate performance. Her programs are designed to provide quality and accessible meditation and mindfulness training so that people can learn how to train their mind, focus and be well.


Follow Nico on Instagram @namastenicolettaor on her website, https://nicolongo.com.