Why I meditate...

I meditate because it creates space for more love in my mind, body and LIFE!

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"Prezence, to me, means giving myself permission to ENJOY my life, rather than just 'get through it'"

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Nina Rizzo is a highly trained counselor, coach, Reiki practitioner, and meditation & yoga instructor with a decade of experience in the field of health and wellness. Her joyful spirit and compassionate nature are shared everywhere she goes. She has a clear connection to spirit and uses her intuition to guide her work and create a safe environment for everyone she encounters. 

Nina’s passion for her work was ignited after she experienced an NCAA athletic career ending injury in 2011. Throughout her healing process, she was introduced to yoga and mindfulness and experienced healing and transformation in mind, body and spirit. Since then, she has dedicated her work to helping others heal with these and similar holistic modalities. She has also experienced profound benefit from connecting to Spirit and is on a mission to help others connect with their own Divine Guidance System.

Nina loves exercise, attending music festivals, spending time in nature, traveling and writing. She founded “e.d.Om yoga”, an hour-long fusion of electronic dance music and yoga, which she teaches at various studios across the Philadelphia area. She believes that music is a powerful healing tool and weaves it into much of her work.