40 hours without my phone

I survived! Last week Hayley Siegel shared her story about her phone detox. In the spirit of healthy competition, I decided to take time away from my devices to reset. Imagine the busiest day of your life and multiply that by one hundred, that's how demanding entrepreneurship is every day. Most entrepreneurs live in "fight or flight mode," with incredibly high levels of cortisol or "the stress hormone." Often times individuals like me spend the day making decisions about what is urgent, what is important, and deciding to tackle only what is simultaneously urgent and important.

While this is the never ending struggle of an entrepreneur, research shows that entrepreneurs facing competing priorities can often reach burnout, arrive at poor decisions, and as a result, negatively impact the trajectory of their business. It is my priority to maintain my health and wellbeing throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Many things will contribute to a state of balance, including but not limited to, hiring great leaders to work for Prezence, allowing myself the time and space to nourish my mind, body, and spirit, and spending quality time with the people who lift me up.

One of the most meaningful modes of "unplugging" in my life is powering down my technology, in turn powering down my mind. I find time away from my phone and laptop to be the most effective way of recharging my batteries. Leading up to this weekend, I felt I was reaching an energetic breaking point. I knew something needed to change. Hayley inspired me to take a much needed break, which turned out to be the best decision I've made for myself and this company in a while.

Friday at 5:30pm I turned off my phone. I spent the weekend outside, enjoying the beach, swimming, playing tennis, reading, and binging episodes of Stranger Things (very mindful, I know.) As it came time for me to reintegrate with my phone. I felt an internal itch to flip over my iPhone and read the notifications that were waiting for me. I let this feeling pass and resisted the urge about 4-5 times. When it was time to head to the airport, I knew I had to face the music.

I finally picked up my phone, put it on top of my book and headed out to the car. When I started to flip through notifications, I realized -- nothing broke, nothing exploded, and everything was going to be fine. My team is resourceful, smart, and incredibly talented. If something was wrong -- they would have handled any difficult situation with grace.

If you haven't taken a break from your devices, I highly encourage you to try it out this weekend. Your friends and family may be a bit annoyed you didn't respond to them right away, however, if you communicate that this is happening in advance or provide an emergency contact number, everything will work out.

Allow yourself to enjoy every minute. Get outside. Breathe in fresh air. And be unplugged.

If you're interested in joining us for a formal unplugging session, come to Mexico in November! Email catie@giveprezence.com with questions. We have a few spots left and you have 2 days left to book...



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