• Rachel Laiosa

7 Tips to Maximize Your Morning

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Mornings can be tough, we know. Nobody likes pulling themselves from their perfectly cozy beds for a day of work. It’s tough shaking away your sleepiness, even after you’ve gotten up and begun your day. Set yourself up for a more productive, successful morning with these 7 easy tips—and be sure to complete your AM Pause in Prezence each day. ;-)

1. Stretch

After a night of minimal moving, the best way to release physical (and emotional) tension is by stretching. Elongate your muscles and help yourself to wake up by holding each stretch for 30 seconds. This is a fast, efficient way to get mobility back into your body during the early hours and get moving for the day ahead.

2. Protein

Sure, cereal and other sugary breakfast bars are an easy solution for hunger pangs, but for a protein-packed morning, we suggest eggs. They’re nutrient-dense and super filling so you won’t find yourself crashing mid-morning as you might with something less nutritious. Plus, you can hard-boil them in advance to make your morning routine even easier. Vegan? Look into an egg alternative like JUST.

3. Exercise

At first, it can be challenging to wake up early and hit the gym, however, it’s one of the best ways to start your day. Plus, you’ll have more time for yourself in the evenings! Once you’ve gotten into a routine, you’ll find tons of positive benefits from working out early, including more mindful eating, a stronger metabolism and better energy throughout the day.

4. Alarm

We tend to associate the dreary buzz of an alarm clock from our smartphones with the end of a peaceful snooze and going to work, two things we may not look forward to. A simple solution for a more positive wake-up is to swap out that noise for something more upbeat and energetic. Studies show that a more pleasant alarm also helps us react better to stressors we come across throughout the day.

5. Goals

Wake up with a vision each morning. Staying laser-focused on your vision will motivate you to get up and out of bed while giving you energy for the day. Set specific, achievable goals and write them down to keep you headed in the right direction. Unsure where to start? Use the Prezence intention-setting feature.

6. Music

A guaranteed way to wake yourself up bright and early is to put some headphones in and jam out to some feel-good tunes (like the songs on this playlist). Music is proven to help the brain function better, especially if you make it a routine. Studies show that base, in particular, gets us most moving the most (hip-hop and rock lovers, rejoice).

7. Water

There are tons of reasons why drinking water first thing in the morning is good for you, including a boost for your metabolism, better digestion, brain fuel, a stronger immune system and a toxin flush, to name just a few. Drinking water throughout the day is important, but especially so in the morning, because you haven’t hydrated much through the night.

If this is too much info for your groggy, pre-coffee brain, we suggest adding just one or two of these tips to your morning as a starting point. With time and routine, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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