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A Sunday Well Spent

I ended my long week of preparing for finals with a much needed virtual healing retreat. On Sunday, Prezence hosted a full day dedicated to healing through mindfulness. The day can easily be summed up into one word: powerful. It was amazing to see all of the individuals who came together with a shared intention to cultivate a space for well deserved self-love.

There were twelve different sessions, each led by empowering female business owners sharing their passion for self care. Throughout each session, the ‘chat’ feature was being utilized by all 2,075 attendees, creating a sense of community despite our physical distance. In our virtual world, it is heartwarming to see so many individuals using technology in a healthy way. This is the true embodiment of Prezence’s mission; to help our community cultivate digital mindfulness in daily life.

Healing Sessions

There were numerous sessions that required the attendees, including myself, to reflect deeper than I have in quite some time. In Dr. Shefali’s session about building conscious relationships during the pandemic, I had to reconsider how I have handled my own relationships. One of my own personal struggles during the pandemic, is losing connection with individuals I can no longer physically see. Dr. Shefali helped me see that the simple idea of ownership over my own choices is a step towards recognizing that I have the power to maintain the relationships that I want. This flowed into Prezence’s CEO, Colleen Hayes, “Introduction to Digital Mindfulness” talk that emphasized the importance of having a healthy relationship with technology. Since joining Prezence, I actively think about my time on my phone for the first time in my life. When I begin aimlessly scrolling through social media, I tend to catch myself and recognize when it is beginning to be unhealthy. That simple awareness allows me to use this information to better manage how I interact with tech. In Aarona Lea from Moon Deck’s talk about awakening your intuition, she gave insightful advice about how to exactly do this, as it is more complex than it sounds. She suggested completing daily pauses, which Prezence built for our users to enjoy each morning and evening! Crystal Streets from Wellness Official led an incredibly powerful breathwork meditation, “Coming Home to Yourself.” Collectively, our retreat seemed to exhale after this session. We saw comments pour in thanking Crystal for creating and holding space for all of us. Lastly, Allison Bagg gave an amazing crystal sound healing session, not only helping us drop into a deep theta state, but also educating our community about the science behind sound healing. What a wealth of knowledge Allison has! Her home is also major vibe goals...

Educational Sessions

The day was perfectly balanced as there were some sessions that were simply fun. Jessice Assaf from Prima gave an informative lesson on CBD and taught the attendees how to make CBD-infused mocktails. Her session inspired myself and my roommates to throw on our own CBD face masks to end the night. Trina Felber from Primal Life Organics made me completely rethink my skincare routine in her session. I have never even thought about the toxins that could be in my ‘organic’ products. To say I emptied my wallet after this day on their products is an understatement. Our favorite takeaway was that water is actually one of the most harmful ingredients in skincare! Who knew?

The Sunday ended with an intuitive yoga session from Sophie Jaffe. This was the perfect touch as I reflected on everything I learned that day, and simply how amazing I felt! Colleen Hayes gave her closing remarks, and then all 2,000 of us slept like bricks. It truly goes to show how much each of these women, including Colleen, practice what they preach. They simply want to share their passions with the world, and make everyone feel a little bit better. Overall, I do not think my Sunday could have been spent any better and I cannot wait for the next one :).

Who should we have at the next Prezence retreat?! Comment below with any recs.

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