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Black-Owned Businesses We ♡ in the Wellness + Mindfulness Space

The month of August is an especially auspicious time to pause and consider how we spend our hard-earned dollars. Activists worldwide are commemorating what’s known as “Black August,” a moment of reflection on the revolutionary history of the U.S. While we declared our independence in July, August serves as a reminder that we must continue to grow.

It was in August that the first slave ship landed in the U.S. at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619. In August 1831, Nat Turner led one of the most memorable slave rebellions on American soil. And by August 1920, Congress ratified women’s right to vote.

Now more than ever, we at Prezence want to support like-minded businesses with Black roots. We know that self-improvement is an ongoing journey that starts with awareness, and that true awareness is inclusive and diverse. The wellness and mindfulness space is overflowing with talent in 2020, and we want to give a nod to a few of our favorites in hopes that equality, awareness and support of Black-Owned Businesses continue to grow stronger in the years to come.


Millana Snow (@millanasnow) is paving the way in the wellness space in the US and beyond. This healer has been building her brand as a holistic health expert for over 20 years, channeling her expertise to create Wellness Official—an online marketplace of practitioners and brands for the global wellness community. As CEO and founder, Snow guides her community towards consciousness, clarity and power through a series of meditations.



Founded by Boston-based fitness badass Ashley Mitchell (@ashleymitchfit), The Courage Campaign is a nonprofit that provides public schools and communities with high-caliber physical fitness instruction combined with personal development and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Mitchell has created workshops that fuse fitness with guided introspective journaling to help kids better express themselves and identify their goals and obstacles.



Former All-Pro NFL football player turned internationally renowned Celebrity Yogi, Keith Mitchell (@keithmitchell59) has dedicated his career to providing holistic tools to his clients for optimal health, peace and aliveness. After a life-changing injury that left him partially paralyzed, Mitchell’s incredible story of growth and strength has become an inspiration for many. As a motivational speaker and wellness coach, Mitchell is an exemplary teacher for people dealing with emotional and physical suffering.



Rach Junard and Jaylee Momplaisir (@yougoodsis) are disrupting the wellness world, and thank God for that. In a predominantly white industry, this duo aims to create a safe space for black and brown women looking for a mental, spiritual and physical check in. These two ladies are both RYT-200 instructors specializing in both vinyasa and yin yoga, and together they strive to carve out a more welcoming wellness world for women of color through a series of events, meditations, classes and even a book club!



Founded by holistic health consultant Nzingah Oniwosan (@yesbabyilikeitraw), this self-care business educates individuals on how to tap into their raw potential and “process the unprocessed life.” As a Hatian native, Oniwosan has a broad cultural palette, which elevates her teaching as she aims to help people take charge of their health through nutritional therapy. Make sure to check out her website— it’s a total content hub packed with guidance for everything from beauty and yoga to recipes and retreats.


Copy with contributions by Sia Barnes.

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