• Tess Varley

Can Prezence Be Your Valentine?

Let's face it: society puts pressure on February 14th. The second you open your phone the fourteenth of February, your Instagram and Snapchat feed has already been hi-jacked and flooded with “Happy Valentine’s Day” posts with sig o’s. Roses, chocolates, fancy dinners, jewelry – you name it, it’s all there. Valentines day, by definition, is “the celebration of love and affection.” However, what I believe is not said nearly enough, is that this celebration does not have to be with a significant other, rather, it can be with friends, family, or yourself.

If we are being “real,” this Valentine’s Day is different, just as this entire year has been. The special day follows one of the loneliest years in decades. We are now living and managing our lives smack dab in the middle of a pandemic, where there can be virtual dates here and there, but generally meeting people is not the same. There are less nights out with your friends at a bar, less bumping into a stranger at your local coffee shop, and overall, little to no socialization. So, for a 2021 Valentine’s Day, lets normalize celebrating that love and affection with more than just a sig. o.

This sounds much easier said than done, especially when everywhere you look couples are holding hands, kissing, and enjoying their time. So let us pause for a moment and think back to one of the toughest years society has faced in quite some time – who made it possible? Who got you through one of the most difficult chapters in the globe’s history? Guess what, you did. Friends and family probably played a factor, but give yourself the credit you deserve. It is only right that on this Valentine’s Day you focus at least some of that love and affection on yourself.

Prezence encourages you to take the morning to yourself. Start your Valentine’s Day with us. Head on over to the “Focus on You” category and select a meditation. Take as long as you need to feel ready for the day. Go buy yourself some flowers. Go eat that pint of ice cream. Call a friend. You are loved.

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