Creating your 2021 Vision

Updated: Jan 15

As I sit down to write this at 5:30pm on a Thursday, I create the mood I want to spark forth the words I’m meant to share. I light a candle, have a sip of water, and press play on my latest Spotify playlist. Time by SG Lewis floods through my MacBook speakers, and I’m overcome with a desire to get up and dance. So I do, but only for a few minutes. And then I remember that I have an hour to both get this done and do something for myself before my 6:30pm call. “Let’s get this show on the road,” I say to myself.

Welcome to 2021. How did we get here? It’s simple, really. 2020 happened, we had New Year’s Eve, and here we are. Let’s start there.

New Year’s Eve is really just another day of the year. There is darkness that turns to light which turns to darkness again. As the sun sets, people all around the world get dressed up, hope for a New Year’s kiss, and await the dawn of a new year that strikes at midnight.

This year I spent New Year’s in my bathrobe with my siblings playing our favorite card game, 45’s. We drank red wine, listened to records, and gave each other shit. It was perfect. I didn’t wear a sparkly outfit or anything special. I worked until 8pm as I usually do on New Year’s Eve, and a new year arrived as it always does.

I realize that this is all easy for me to say. I live a very full life life because I’ve worked tirelessly to create it. Over the years I’ve transformed my self harming into self love, procrastination into progress, and little by little - things have started to get better. None of this is by accident, which leads me to this blog’s topic; creating a vision for 2021.

It’s not easy to change. It’s not easy to find a job you love. It’s not easy to maintain friendships. It’s not easy to find a partner you want to hold and praise and be praised by. All of these things take a great deal of work.

Where do we start?

Pursue Alignment.

At Prezence, we believe every moment can be lived with intention. Deliberately make choices that align with the direction you want your life to be going in. Want to feel great in your own skin? Move your body and nourish yourself within your means. Practice Real Self Love, go to therapy. There are just some of the small steps in life that add up to alignment. If you aren’t familiar with this practice, think about when you’re faced with a difficult choice. Oftentimes the hardest choice is the right one. My mom always said that...moms know best. That is alignment. When we’d love to stay up late bingeing our favorite Netflix show (Bridgerton atm), sometimes we have to go to bed, journal, meditate, and get our butts to bed rather than sit through another 2 hours of TV.

When you align your choices with your desired path and lifestyle, you’ll see small changes that add up to major shifts over time.

Photo: @rachpetri

Spend Time in Silence.

The greatest gift of the human existence is our own intuition. Allow yourself to spend time in silence walking, meditating, doing the dishes, or simply sitting outside. When we get quiet with ourselves, we can learn more about what we really want. I’ve learned in my therapy journey that we don’t have to trust every single thought we have, yet we can use this as information to help us make choices in life. I highly recommend reading Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s my favorite book. I’ll leave you with a passage from it then go grab your copy. “Most people nowadays seem unable to live without a ‘sound track.’ As soon as they’re alone (walking down the street, driving, sitting in a bus or a train, or stepping out their door) -- or even with their coworkers or loved ones right in front of them --- they try to fill up the tiniest bit of open mind space right away.”

Makes you think, huh?

Journal it out.

Photo: @matteophotographs

Since I was a small child I’ve kept a diary or a journal. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I used to throw out all of my journals. So do that, if you need to! There was a time in life where so many of my thoughts and experiences were so negative that I couldn’t bear the thought of reading them again.

In recent years I’ve processed the death of my mother, the changes that her death caused in my family dynamic, my travel experiences, stressors, romantic relationships, and so much more through pen and paper. I often find that if I’m thinking about a big life decision, I write about it a ton. This is so helpful as you create your vision for 2021. It is also so fun to look back at journal entries on trips, after first dates, and all the life events.

Pro tip - if you’re feeling emotional...write that shit down. I always write down what I want to say to people or how I feel about something and often when I do that, I show up much better IRL.

Make a Vision Board.

Yeahhh let’s get crafty! Sit down with some paper, printed photos, and magazines. Cut out the things that you want to call into your life - words, experiences, people, etc. Paste them in a way that feels good to you. Set that vision board somewhere you can see it. Read up on more of our favorite tips.

Above all, I hope that you create a life that feels good to you this year.

Photo: @rachpetri

Spend time with people who nourish you, celebrate the small wins, laugh as much as you can, sleep, move your body, and do all the things that feel great to you, all while keeping your vision in mind. Remember if you don't like the direction that you're going, you can change at any time.

And here we are….5:56pm. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it my friends. Off to move my body!

Let me know how I can support you in the comments below.