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I have a friend who used to say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” in college. We’d use it as an excuse to go out pretty much every night, staying up until all hours drinking ungodly amounts of draft Bud Light from our favorite local Providence haunts. Louie’s, Clubbies, Olds, Whiskey’s - you name it. Oh how the times have changed…

My sleep schedule was unpredictable from a young age. I had nightmares a lot as a kid and slept with music playing (on my 20lb CD player of course.) Gen Zers will have to google what that is and I’ll embrace my very best Homer Simpson hiding in the bush giphy. Seeing that I had such a difficult time sleeping, you can imagine the anxiety that I developed around going to bed. I loved to read and stay up late (that hasn’t changed) and used this as a coping mechanism to put off going to sleep.

As I got older, sleep became essential. I was a busy kid, staying involved with every leadership position possible at school, dancing competitively and playing a ton of sports - basketball, swimming, diving, you name it. In order to perform, I had to get my rest.

The need for sleep became more and more clear to me with every passing year. In college I started going steady with naps and that’s a love affair that just won’t end until I leave this lifetime.

My sleep journey climaxed around the age of 25. I was working a high stress Marketing job for a demanding (and incredible) West coast boss. My mom was struggling through Glioblastoma. Our family was working around the clock to ensure she had company at the hospital or at home, wherever she was. Not to mention, I was going through a very tumultuous and painful breakup. It was the most draining time of my life.

Throughout my mom’s illness and early days as a yoga teacher, I started diving into my mindfulness practice. Meditation became my church. I showed up day after day, imperfectly, to sit in stillness each morning and listen to Ra Ma Da Sa or set a timer for 15 minutes. I felt the layers of tension slowly melting off of me. As you can imagine, I started receiving some of the benefits of my mindfulness practice in the evenings when I laid down to fall asleep. My mind felt clearer and I was able to actually fall and stay asleep much more frequently.

It was around this time that I read The Sleep Revolution. What. A Book. Arianna Huffington knocked it out of the park. I always knew I felt better in life when I got some rest, but I didn’t realize the different layers that are involved. Sleep affects your long term mental and physical health, and sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of a laundry list of incredibly devastating illnesses.

Bottom line, I’m not going to bore you here with sleep stats or facts. I just want you to buckle up for an incredible month of sleep with Prezence. We have giveaways, virtual events and conversation, and lots of fun resources for you to get your best sleep yet.

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