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How to Turn Your Home into a Meditation Studio

Updated: Jan 29

It’s no secret that our lives can be chaotic. We pack our schedules to max capacity and take minimal vacations. Our ideas of “self love” manifest in the form of a workout class, a cocktail or binging a TV show. We’re so wrapped up in getting that promotion and working for the weekends that we forget to pay attention to the daily dose of peace our minds are constantly craving.

At Prezence, we turn to meditation for answers. In times of stress, anxiety or unknown, choosing to meditate is a healthy, holistic practice to calm the mind and see situations with more clarity. A DIY way to discover more meaningful meditations at home is to turn your space into a fluid, tranquil place where you can comfortably clear your mind and meditate. Over time, your mind will begin to associate your home with a “safe space” and you’ll immediately feel a sense of calmness when you walk in the door. Here are a few easy ways to turn your home into a meditation sanctuary.


Alex, on the Prezence brand team, is a guru when it comes to home aesthetic and creating tranquil spaces (you should see her apartment).

“Try to pick colors and objects that make you happy and uplift your mood—stick to a theme while decorating, consistency is key. If you have too many colors or patterns in the room, it’s going to stimulate your senses rather than calm them.”

Whether you like neutrals or dark colors, pick one course and follow it through your decoration process.

Pro tip: Pick one piece of furniture or a painting that you love and build your theme around it to make sure you’re focusing on complementary hues.


Organizers are your friends. Like Alex says, “clean house = clean mind.” Make sure your belongings have a designated space in your home—you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and a clear mind if your things have been put away and you come home to a clean, simple space.

We always encourage a good purge. Try to think critically about your old accessories and things scattered around your home that you no longer care for and make way for minimalism. The more you toss into the trash, the better you’ll feel.


Treat yourself to a new plant. Bring living things into your home—not only are they a pretty pop of color, but plants are proven to increase concentration and productivity, they even lower stress levels! This subtle addition will subconsciously bring your mind and body back to nature, which is exactly where you want to be when looking for a tranquil space. If you struggle to find your green thumb, try a succulent or even some natural wood in one of your wall decorations to allow your mind to associate your safe space with nature.


Designate a little space in your home where you go to meditate. Over time, your mind will start to associate this corner with clarity. Try to make it a habit to visit this space daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Pro tip: Try to spend time in this space first thing in the morning or just before bed completing your AM/PM pauses. These are two great times to set intentions for the day ahead or revisit and reflect on things that happened that will set you on a healthier track for the days to come. We can show you how to set intentions with the Prezence app.

Home should never be a place of stress—it should be a place you can turn to when you need to catch your breath. Like Alex says, “Your home is a calming place where you can go to reset, no matter what might be happening in your life. Tune in to what relaxes and inspires you, and try to incorporate that into your aesthetic using colors, lights, decor, photos and more.”

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