Meet Gather Mindfully

Use Mindfulness and the Power of Moments to Boost Morale and Connection in the Workplace.

As we recently completed a year of Pandemic life and work, CEOs and organizations are facing the tough challenge of connecting to their employees and facilitating meaningful team building/culture enhancing experiences. According to Inc. Magazine’s Q4 2020 Vistage CEO Confidence Index, CEO’s sited that the most significant challenge they face post-pandemic and beyond is building morale. Employees are overwhelmingly fatigued, isolated and just plain stressed out. Balancing work, personal life and family life has become almost impossible. How a company leads through and handles these challenging times makes the difference in bottomline retention. Organizations are struggling to effectively meet the wellbeing needs of their teams, make their employees feel valued and create a meaningful and joyful culture.

We at Prezence are taking on the challenge by designing unique experiential gatherings (virtual and in-person) that help companies boost morale, reinforce positive and resilient company culture and cultivate joy. Gather Mindfully is a new way to help employees stay connected in our new, socially distant way of life. We provide amazing, creative, and interactive event concepts to keep you and your teams engaged by offering a diverse network of vendors and experts experienced in creating authentic, immersive events. Whether you have a team of 2 or 10,000+, we have creative mindfulness solutions to meet any goal. Here's how.

1. Wellbeing Workshops - Small group intensives designed to teach us something and connect with ourselves and one another. Want to learn about cutting-edge nutrition? Best way to learn to meditate? Financial health? How to date during a pandemic? We offer a robust menu of personal development options for your employees. These tailored and focused live sessions allow individuals to try something new, educate themselves and ask our experts any questions real time. This individualized support and relatable allows for optimal engagement.

2. Connect all over again with a Mindful Happy Hour - Mix a sensory meditation and tasting

sessions led by our guides and leading mixologists. Enjoy your drink, hang out with co-workers while learning and re-connecting to all of your senses. Your cocktail will never taste better.

3. Move it - Break a sweat with a virtual team yoga class and use movement to manage stress

and enhance focus.

4. Keynotes - Collaborate with inspiring speakers to address topics like Happiness, Parenting

and Sleep.

5. Host a Virtual Concert and Dance Party with Unique Talent to bring back “Live” Music.

6. Give the gift of Meditation - Organize a “Big Quiet”, a company wide meditation facilitated by one of our guides. Integrate your company’s vision into the customized live meditation. Send meditation starter kits customized with company logo and message from CEO - cushions, blanket and essential oils, etc.

7. Get out and Hunt - Create a branded Mindful Scavenger Hunt. No better way to learn about the city you are in and the people you work with. Search for information/things that represent individual employees and company culture.

8. Superlative Recognition Events - Celebrate the individual achievements of employees

through a fun Awards Ceremony. Survey employees ahead of time. Awards given to “Best

Smile”, “Funniest” and don’t forget "Perfect Attendance”.

Whatever your company needs are, Gathering Mindfully is a great way for employees to grow, learn new skills and have fun while companies enhance their company vision and culture. This has been a tough year. Little by little, by investing in employee wellbeing and deliberately building moments of celebration, connection and levity, your company’s foundation will be rooted in resilience and joy.

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