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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Our world is fast-paced; full of bright, shiny notifications. Whether you live in the city or out in a more quiet place, it is likely that your world is constantly demanding your immediate attention. You are not alone. Where is most of this "I need your attention right now" coming from? Directly from our devices and technology. Technology is built to make things simpler, faster, or better. As competition for our attention rises, so does the addictive nature of our technology. While meant for the greater good, technology can have negative impacts on our wellbeing including increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The wellness market is crowded with all of the health, nutrition, fitness, and now mindfulness one could need. What's missing is a skill set required to live in a healthy relationship with our devices. That's what we like to call Digital Wellness.

Digital Wellness is the state of living in a healthy and productive relationship with technology. As with all things, moderation is key. Prezence helps people find contentment from moment to moment. Often times we place expectations around desired outcomes and end up disappointed. Through mindfulness practices, we can cultivate non judgment within ourselves to better exist with others and technology. Whether you are a family looking to sharpen your at home behaviors to become more digitally well, a corporate entity seeking the right partner to up-level your employee performance and happiness, or an individual seeking a more meaningful relationship with yourself - we have your back.

Prezence offers digital wellness services through balanced technology and real life experiences. We believe in the power of human connection and the incredible role that devices can play in continuing to support relationships with self and others. We are excited to share all that is to come with you.

How can you get involved?

1. Sign up for beta testing of one of our primary products, the Prezence mobile app, on our home page.

2. Stop by our Instagram page @giveprezence for a dose of positivity or encouragement.

3. Tag us in your photos @giveprezence using #prezence #giveprezence #stayprezent.

4. Follow along on our blog as we share our perspectives on wellness, with a focus on technology, travel, health, relationships, and work, with mindfulness as the common thread.

5. Start flaunting our Prezence swag! E-commerce store launching Summer 2019.

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Colleen Hayes

CEO + Founder, Prezence

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