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Meet the Meditation Team

Meet our crew of meditation experts—a group of talented individuals who are pushing the boundaries of mindfulness. Read up on how they’ve incorporated life experiences into their practices to create unique, powerful meditations, and be sure to tune into one of their guided classes on the app.

Colleen Hayes

Prezence CEO Colleen was caught up in the Boston tech world in search of a mindful solution to burning outs and corporate frustrations—so she created one herself. This yogi guru is making waves in the meditation space, helping people to find a healthier, authentic connection to themselves, friends and technology.

Catie Macken

The Chief Mindfulness Officer at Prezence is a powerhouse in the fitness industry. Catie has been training, teaching and leading yoga retreats around the world, inspiring many along the way. She’s also got a passion for the healing arts and mystical practices —working her way through Healing Breathwork, Reiki, Kundalini, and tarot.

Erica Bornstein

A movement master, a yoga and dance instructor and choreographer, Erica uses yoga and other physical activities to find balance in the mind and body, and strides to help others do the same. In recent years, she’s incorporated daily meditation to better reconnect herself to the world, which is incorporated into her teachings to guide individuals toward a holistic meditative experience.

Jess Ray

This E-500 RYT yoga teacher hops from coast to coast to share her endless hours of expertise to yogis everywhere. In recent years, Jess has focused on the quieter side of the practice—she’s inspired by her journey of self-discovery and shifting thought patterns. Discover her teachings of empowerment within her traditional classes of meditation.

Scoop Slyman

While he’s struggled with ADHD from a young age, this lifelong athlete turned to yoga for a more mindful way to move. Scoop has brought routine into his life by meditating each morning—he teaches his audiences how to embrace the good days with the bad and how meditation can be a steady, reliable way to get through the obstacles of life.

Sophie Jaffe

Based in Los Angeles, Sophie is a health and wellness expert who is certified as a raw-food chef, a yoga teacher and influencer. Her wellness brand, Philosphie, has been inspiring hundreds to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. This mother of three juggles a business and a family on a daily basis while sharing her endless knowledge on healthier habits and positive life choices.

Lindsey Simcik

Lindsey is the co-host and co-founder of Almost 30, a podcast, global community, and brand. On tour for her podcast, Lindsey has grounded audiences all over the world with her unique meditations that focus on empowerment. Whether she is singing, writing or bringing characters to life on her social media, Lindsey is passionate about creating freely and inspiring others to do the same.

Taryn Burns

This yoga instructor has taken her real-life experiences as an athlete to guide NCAA athletes toward a smoother transition from their college journeys and into real life, working experiences. Taryn helps these individuals to find a balance between work and rest while navigating through societal pressures using her own meditation practices to uncover wisdom and lessons to be learned.

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