What is Mindful Travel?

Mindful travel — what is that exactly? The cool (nerdy, we know) thing about mindfulness is that you can decide to do pretty much anything mindfully. Let’s explore a handful of ways you can start to travel more mindfully.

+ Choose the right vibe:

While we all wish we had unlimited travel budgets, it is not our reality. We can’t all choose that picture-perfect, off-the-grid location that you saw on Instagram. However, you can make smart choices about picking a location that feels aligned with the vibe you are going for. Are you feeling burnt out from work and need to unplug? Do you need to let your dang hair down and dance every night? Is there a historical place you’re dying to see?

Ask yourself these questions and get to researching. A vacation is typically meant for relaxation, so be sure to choose a place that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Often times many resorts or popular destinations can be backed with people all seeking the same benefits of a week of rest. While the goal may be in mind, the method by which we all relax does not look the same. For example, if your work requires a lot of wining and dining and you need a break from that - pick a spot that has healthy options and perhaps less of an alcohol consumption scene.

Choose a location that aligns with your budget, intentions, and the end result you’re aiming for.

+ Thoughtfully pack:

While you travel, think about what you bring with you. Is there a more sustainable way to pack the things you want without being wasteful? For example, if you love having a big bottle of water during a flight - try bringing an empty water bottle to the airport so that you can refill it at a restaurant when you arrive. Looking to enjoy a cocktail in flight and save money while doing so? Did you know that most airlines allow you to bring alcohol with you? Yep — that’s right. You simply have to package it according to airline rules then ask the steward/stewardess on your aircraft to serve you. Check the rules before taking me up on this one!!

What are some other sustainable items you can bring along? Some of our favorites include reusable straws and silverware. Tell us some of your favorite travel products in the comments below!

+ Apply spacial awareness:

One of the most frustrating things about travel can be congestion, long lines, and sick people. Be aware of the space around you. Yep -- you want to board first so you can get that highly coveted overhead space, however, think about giving the person in front of you a bit of breathing room. Spacial awareness is massively important not just in travel, but in life, so start thinking about how you manage your surroundings in situations like traveling in an airport, then apply that to other areas of your life.

Remember, we can’t control what happens to us — we can only control how we react to it. When someone cuts you in line or elbows you while removing their baggage, try taking three deep breaths and closing your eyes for a second. Send them a mental thank you for helping you practice patience.

+ Capture moments:

When we see something beautiful, our tendency is to capture it in our digital world. That’s normal! We encourage you to notice the next time you’re about to take a picture while traveling. Is it necessary? Could you paint a picture of the moment inch by inch in your mind rather than snapping a pic? Could you write about what you see in your Prezence journal and then revisit that entry when you want to remember it?

These are all simply suggestions for how you might shift your perspective while traveling. You can apply your mindfulness practice to travel in a way that works well for you. This is your unique experience. It’s up to you to decide how you spend your time, energy, and focus.

Next time you’re about to travel, set a few intentions in your Prezence Profile. Revisit them throughout your trip and see what you were able to stick with and what felt hard.

Remember — this is your pursuit of Prezence, and yours alone. Enjoy it!

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