No Sunday Scaries

"The Sunday Scaries are the anxiety that sets in on Sunday nights with the impending return to the office, school, or work. Whether you call them The Sunday Scaries, The Sunday Blues, The Fear, The Shakes, The Dread – they're there." - The Sunday Scaries Official Website

We know it's not easy to start Sunday knowing that the weekend is almost over. Remember that you have the opportunity to rewrite the narrative happening in your mind. If you're feeling anxious about the week ahead, you can do something about it, using mindfulness.

One of my favorite ways to spend Sunday is getting ready for the week ahead. I love to organize my calendar, figure out what I have going on , and ensure I'm prepared for everything that's on deck. If you have a commitment most of the day Sunday, take one hour to do this before or after your commitment. Whether you're a "let's meal prep and lay out all of my outfits" type of person or much more relaxed, you can take simple steps to get ready for the week ahead.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some questions to consider.

1) What's going on workwise?

2) Do you have clean clothes for work and exercise?

3) What are you going to eat this week?

4) When can you spend some time relaxing?

Spend a few minutes creating a list based on the answers to these questions. Get yourself organized and tackle one thing at a time. If you get overwhelmed, take a deep breath! You've got this. Once you've completed the items on your list, follow these 5 steps to ensure you're ready to tackle your week.

Recipe for a focused week:

1) Set your intentions in your Profile.

2) Complete your AM/PM pauses.

3) Enjoy a meditation.

4) Spend an hour without your phone.

5) Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier than you typically do.

Personally, I love to read before bed. This helps me transition away from using technology and into a quieter mental state.

Have questions or comments about how to improve your routine? Tell us how you get ready for the week ahead in the comments below. We can't wait to hear from you, friends!

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