Not Quite Human

Throughout my life, I’ve had a series of revelations that have led to my current stance on digital minimalism. The idea that I can be both a digital minimalist and a tech entrepreneur may sound contradictory. Thankfully my fellow millennial generation of leaders ignited within business, a flame that is burning down preconceived notions of our predecessors. We are together, rewriting the narrative of business and life as we know it.

My relationship struggles with technology started at the age of 4 in my family home on Lincolnshire Drive. I remember I was alone in our basement where we had our TV. Someone in my family put on the movie “Not Quite Human” a 1987 comedy/sci-fi starring Alan Thicke. In Not Quite Human, there’s a boy called Chip, scratch that, an Android - that required a disk to live. Freaky for a little kid, right? As the first few minutes rolled by, I really started to get spooked. I wanted to shut the movie off and get it out of my mind.

OK, I'm being a bit dramatic about the TV set was 1995 after all...

However, this was the first time that I remember being overwhelmed by technology. I was not only confronted with the robot boy on the TV that was freaking me out, but also couldn’t figure out how to shut off the movie that was scaring me. After fumbling around or calling for help, I can’t remember which, the movie was off and I could breathe easy again. If only I knew what was about to unfold over the next 25 years, perhaps I might have started my meditation practice then.

We’ve all had a number of Not Quite Human experiences, at work, and in our personal lives. Technology can be wonderful and simultaneously overwhelming. Tell me your tech stories below, I'd love to hear!

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