Recommended Reads for Parents

Dear friends of Prezence,

Now more than ever, our professional and personal world are colliding. There are difficult-to-enforce boundaries between work, family, and relaxation. As we navigate these challenging times, our leadership sends love out to parents who are struggling during this time. We know that you are doing your very best, and send you a deep breath so that you can cope as well as you can.

Curious about how to improve your digital habits as a family? Us too. Our CEO, Colleen Hayes recently read a couple of books that may be of interest to you.

1. Glow Kids by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

This book is not for the faint hearted. Dr. Nicholas Kardaras shares his in-depth clinical perspective on technology addiction. His insights are particularly useful for parents who struggle to separate their kids from screens or video games. While many of the stories provide a shocking look at our digital struggles, Dr. Kardaras provides actionable steps to improve your habits at home.

2. Screenwise by Devorah Heitner, PhD

Parents and caregivers are navigating one of the most challenging times in human history. Dr. Heitner, as a parent and international expert on parenting in the digital age, offers her perspective on how to support your child through their use of technology. She has led countless talks, workshops, and trainings with the global community on how best to support your families. Colleen particularly loved that Dr. Heitner included the perspective of youth in Screenwise. We can't forget that this is a two-sided experience.

Experiencing difficulty at this time? Prezence is free until June 1 to support your mental health. If you're interested in joining our Facebook group, shoot us an email at

Thank you for strengthening our Prezence family - we appreciate you!

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