Restore Your Well-Being 2021 Virtual Retreat Recap

There is nothing quite like the exhale that follows a successful event. I feel so lucky to have witnessed Saturday’s event and can’t wait to tell you all about it -- that is, if you weren’t there with us!

On May 1st we held our second virtual Prezence retreat “Restore Your Wellbeing.” Springtime in the US is a great time for reflection, renewal, and reconnecting with your priorities. We crafted an experience to offer our community tools to open up to new possibilities during this season of life.

Jas the Moon Mother - Liberation Through Human Design

Jas led the group through a beautiful session on Human Design. Discover your Human design here. She defined self love in a way that I haven’t heard before - reverential listening to self. This simple yet powerful explanation of self love is a bright spot in a world full of confusing definitions of wellbeing terms like self love or self care. Connect with Jas here.

Farinaz Lari - Get Up and Move

Next up, we had a kickboxing sesh with the badass that is Farinaz Lari, brought to you by York Athletics. Farinaz is the first Iranian woman to win the World Kickboxing Championship. She sported some incredible kicks, supported by York boxing shoes, of course. Get your Yorks today using code: RETREAT20. I have “The Frank” by Aly Raisman and wear them so often that I’m constantly washing them - can’t get enough! Connect with Farinaz on IG here and follow York here.

Amanda Sevilla - AM + PM Hacks for Optimal Wellness

If you know me, you know I love a good Morning and Evening routine convo. Registered dietitian, yogi, meditation teacher, and wellness connoisseur Amanda Sevilla shared her favorite treats from FX Chocolate that help her sleep better and stress less. Amanda had so many incredible suggestions on how to start and end your day better. Tune in here.

Madison Calley - Healing Harp Performance

Madison recently had the honor of performing at THE GRAMMYS - what? Madison was one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. She told us that she was inspired to play the harp from the time that she was a little girl because she saw a harpist playing at a local restaurant and told her mom “that’s the instrument I want to play.” Now she’s making waves in the music industry, and even put on an incredible performance of How Does It Feel sporting York Athletics.

Colleen Hayes - Meditation

Yours truly led the group through a body scan relaxation meditation. Tune in here and follow along on my adventures with Prezence and beyond here.

Kara Duval - Functional Movement

Where do I begin with Kara! Kara is a dear friend of mine - I have been taking her class for over 6 years in Boston. She recently launched an incredible platform called Range and shared signature functional movement with our virtual retreat. Such a gift to practice with Kara. Tune in to Kara on Range here.

Millana Snow - Breathwork to Breakthrough

Millana is the most gifted breathwork teacher that I have ever practiced with. This was my second time enjoying her breathwork and I continue to rave about it to everyone I know. I’ve never had a more powerful, emotional experience while practicing and can’t thank Millana and the Wellness Official team for joining us to put on this special experience. Join Millana’s membership here.

Amanda Goetz - Stress + Guilt Management

House of Wise is a powerhouse CBD company built to help you take control of your sleep, sex, and stress. Amanda led us through an incredibly honest session on managing guilt and shame. She broke down many of the existing societal norms that can cause us daily anxiety, unpacking simple ways to shake the guilt. For example, if your kids receive a gift from a loved one - send a photo and say thank you instead of worrying about the thank you note! You can show your appreciation in so many ways. Use RETREAT20 discount for your House of Wise trio.

Miki Ash - Yoga Flow

We finished the day with a peaceful, gentle yoga flow with Miki Ash, Austin-based artist, yogi, and meditation teacher. Miki calmed us all down after a full day of learning, listening, and expanding. Such a beautiful, simple way for us to wrap up the day. You are amazing Miki! Relive the practice here.

Thank you to our incredible guides and partners who joined us for this event! We are so fortunate to continue to build community with you all.

As always, thank you all for your Prezence. We can’t wait to continue to enjoy incredible experiences with you all. Stay tuned for our upcoming Live Mindfully, Work Mindfully, and virtual retreat events!

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