• Tess Varley

Thanksgiving 2020: Remembering to Pause and Appreciate

The chaos of 2020 goes unsaid. Not long ago, a majority of us assumed that by the time the holidays came around things would be back to normal. Unfortunately, with cases spiking, we’re still far away from where we want to be as a society. These once temporary practices of social distancing are now becoming a way of life–our new normal. As we begin to close the chapter of 2020, it is important to reflect and acknowledge how each of us has grown after the countless setbacks.

Like many others, I’ve started to appreciate the little things in life far more. Only a year ago, I would have turned down a walk with my family for Netflix any day. Now, as I reflect, those walks were one of the escapes that made our first lockdown liveable. I discovered more about my family, myself and found new tools to better navigate the relationships in my life. A new perspective was born, one that is far removed from the hustle of ‘regular’ everyday life. The lessons I learned in the past eight months have made me stronger and I’ll carry them with me as I navigate life. I could not be more thankful for every little moment that has brought me from March to the present. I am grateful for sharing laughs with my friends and family, learning new recipes, spending time outdoors, creating a healthy relationship with technology, fitness, and most of all, for every person that has effortlessly put a smile on my face on my worst days.

As we begin the holiday season, we are entering foreign territory. Many traditions are no longer possible as social gatherings are limited. Spending holidays with family and friends, is now, in some cases, looked down upon. This season, I encourage you to be a light of hope for people around you. Let the people in your life know how thankful you are for them. Here are a few ideas from Prezence to you…

  1. Write a Letter – Make a list of the people who have helped you conquer this last year, and then personally thank them.

  2. Bake – Try a new recipe and drop it off at your loved one’s doorsteps.

  3. Video Call – Embrace technology! Set up a call with one person (or five)–don’t let distance keep you from sharing the holidays together.

  4. Give The Gift of Digital Mindfulness – Check out our holiday discount and purchase the family plan (it’s just $22 per family member!), to create healthier habits this year.

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