• Rachel Laiosa

The Coronavirus: Staying Busy Indoors

Entertaining ourselves can be tough—we’ve all had busy schedules up until this point, so it might be awkward or challenging to be suddenly stuck indoors for long periods of time. With coffee shops, gyms, yoga studios and book clubs out of the question, it’s time to come up with some alternative ways to keep our minds and bodies motivated and active. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

Virtual meditations

Cycling through the same rooms of our home (no matter how big) can get old fast. It can put a major stress on our minds. To clear up some of the clutter in our brains and give ourselves a little release from the tension of being at home more than ever, we suggest virtually meditating. It feels great knowing that experts are guiding us towards more clarity, plus it feels like a little community tuning in to better themselves for the day ahead. Join a Prezence meditation led by the pros to add a positive spin to your day inside.

Instagram Live

While we usually try to stay away from increased screen time, this is a special exception. To keep spirits high, artists everywhere are taking to Instagram Live for mini concerts. They’ll usually post about them in advance so you can set an alarm to tune in. Even though most of them are casual, you see a cool new side to your favorite artists and get a private concert of your own—here are a few.


We’re experiencing all sorts of thoughts and emotions right now, some that we’ve never encountered before. It’s important to work through our emotions, process them and learn from them—journaling is a great way to get them down on paper and untangle what’s going on in our heads. You never know what you might learn about yourself during this time. To be most effective, we suggest jotting something down once a day (at least!). Try using the Prezence journaling alerts to hold yourself accountable.

Tidy up

You’ve heard of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, right? If not, we strongly encourage you to read it (or, there’s a show on Netflix about it). Author Marie Kondo is basically a guru about how to clean your house—and keep it clean. It’s simple, it sticks and you’ll be so happy you did it when your drawers and closet stays clean for years to come. What better time than now to purge through your stuff?


Our bodies are probably feeling a little suffocated right now—we’re used to walking from this to that, powering through spin classes, HIIT workouts, etc. Similar to the virtual meditations, lots of workout studios and fitness instructors are offering live classes to get the blood pumping during these sedentary times. We need endorphins and energy boosts right now because it’s all too easy to get stuck binging through TV. Try to carve out just 30 minutes to tune in to one of these classes and keep our bodies on a healthy track.

While our normal routines are taking a backseat for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean we can’t create new routines and keep minds and bodies stimulated inside. Get creative with your time—this is the perfect opportunity to do things that we’ve never had the time to do but always wanted a moment to try.

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