The Impact of One Year of Prezence

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

One year of Prezence. If you only knew, how proud I am to type that statement. In just one year we’ve grown our community, our product, and our reach far beyond my wildest dreams. I have single-handedly mastered working in the front seat of a moving vehicle better than anyone on the planet, reached a new level of Mavis Beacon-fast at my typing skills, and am finally starting to practice what I preach a bit more frequently.

So, where are we headed next? Our team is in the midst of innovating on the product front. We’re particularly passionate about the future of mindful work, and how to operate in this new normal we’re living in. During the past six months, our world battled a pandemic due to the Covid-19 outbreaks across the globe. We were forced out of the streets and into our homes, completely closed off from the world.

We did what we do best - we plugged in. We scheduled FaceTime dates instead of coffee meetups, everyone learned a new meaning for the term “House Party,” and Zoom happy hours became the new norm.

Naturally, we also did what we do best as a people -- we overdid it. Americans in particular have a knack for overscheduling ourselves. “Busy” somehow became equal to happy or successful, leaving us chasing the end of an endless rope. Social media influencers took to Instagram tracking their daily workouts -- yet again finding a way to make us feel like we aren’t doing enough.

Before Covid, Americans were clicking, tapping, and swiping over 2,700 times per day. Adults were spending over 5 hours per day on their devices. Something tells me these numbers more than doubled with us trapped in our homes for months on end. Early survey data is showing that 47% of Americans report that Covid-19 has negatively impacted their mental health, and those are just the folks who are admitting it.

Clinicians are predicting another pandemic -- the mental health pandemic. Despite the fear that still grips us all, I have a bit of hope that we can do something about this. Although the pandemic forced us inside, we discovered hidden talent in our communities. Neighborhoods created signs for Nurses and essential workers who still hopped in their vehicles or on the bus each morning to brave the potent uncertainty of our world.

Most of all, the pandemic exposed how highly unequal our society is. We watched as week after week, new stories of violence and injustice against our Black brothers and sisters emerged. Transgender men and women started telling tales of the horrific treatment they’ve received for decades. The time to do something about it is overdue.

The world needs awareness now more than ever. Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in a particular way, without judgement. This is the practice we all need the most. We need to breathe, to journal, to sit with our feelings and mindfully act in our communities.

While the last several months have been some of our hardest, I could not be more proud of our growing team as we launch new webinar series like Live Mindfully, or share powerful stories about mental health like Chardline Chanel’s. We’re building what we need from the inside out -- starting with our own breath.

Thank you to all who have supported us as we’ve grown this past year. I welcome your feedback, questions, and ongoing support (special “thank you” to all who have joined our iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign, where you -- the community -- are making it heard that mindfulness is key).

See you at a live meditation soon!


Colleen Hayes

Founder + CEO, Prezence

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