• Rachel Laiosa

The Power of the Vision Board

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Back in January with the turn of the decade, most of us had lofty goals that have most likely taken a back seat with, you know, a massive international pandemic. And while we might feel a little disappointed that we aren’t conquering our fear of heights by jumping out of planes this year, there are still many unique ways to better yourself, manifest your goals and ultimately dig into that self improvement to some capacity. My suggestion is you start with a vision board.

September is Self Improvement Month, and what better way to self improve than by carving out a few hours on a rainy day, hopping on Canva and creating a purdy, one-of-a-kind vision board to manifest all of our hopes and dreams into reality.

Sure, it sounds hoaky, but it’s been proven successful to thousands. A vision board is pretty much what it sounds like—a board of all the things you envision for your future. Want a new job? Toss your favorite brand logo on the vision board. That trip to Italy? Grab your favorite panoramic view from Pinterest and upload it. A friend of mine even has a photo of Justin and Hailey Bieber on hers as the ideal relationship she hopes to have in her life someday.

Basically, a vision board takes all the things you ought to be thinking about on a daily basis and forces them to be top of mind. As you revisit this board day and again, adjusting the photos on it and reflecting on it repeatedly, you’re ultimately visualizing this board into reality. This methodology works because these special photos, dreams and goals will stimulate your emotions, which are the foundation to the Law of Attraction. By creating and constantly looking at your vision board, you’ll find yourself in a constant state of motivation and positivity—you’ll subconsciously start working towards achieving the life you’ve created on your board.

Our lives are always changing and pivoting, so it’s important to embrace change on your board. Most importantly, set reasonable goals for yourself. Try to break your board into yearly increments. Work towards things that are achievable in a year’s time, so your board isn’t too intimidating when you visit about it. Oh, and make sure it’s in a place where you can actually see it. Whether it’s your background on your phone or even a print-out in your room, keep this vision board up and active so you can’t forget about it even if you tried.

Even though this board is a representation of things that are slightly out of your reach right now, this board shouldn’t overwhelm you with things you haven’t accomplished yet. Make this board welcoming, inspiring and easy on the eyes, so you want to look at it day and again. Try to visit it once or twice a day, your mind is especially receptive just before bed—when your mind is shifting into a subconscious state of sleep. Commit to a vision board and dream your goals into reality—you’ll be amazed how quickly you can manifest yourself to new heights.

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