The Secret to Practicing Mindfulness & Meditation at Work (or WFH)

For those who are new to mindfulness and meditation or simply have fallen off the wagon, it can be hard to know where to begin. You might be unsure if you should use a digital mindfulness app, or when the ideal time of day to practice might be. Know that you are not alone.

Because mindfulness is oh so hot right now, it seems we can’t visit any corner of the internet or any other space in our digital lives without hearing about it. Celebrities, influencers, athletes, and executives are touting the life changing, skin-altering benefits that make you “glow from the inside out” or some other empty, unfulfilled promise. The truth is, the practices of mindfulness and meditation are life changing. Research shows that you’re able to grow the gray matter in the brain, improve your mental health, and create healthier relationships. Mindfulness and meditation really DO work. But where do we start?

Many of us don’t really have a “normal” life anymore. We aren’t getting up and going to the office as we may have pre-pandemic. It’s unclear when life will go back to normal, or if it will at all. This massive shift in the way that we work caused a ripple effect of changes to many of our daily lifestyles. So whether you were on the mindfulness wagon and fell off, or if you’re looking to start - here’s our secret to practicing mindfulness and meditation at work.

You have a calendar for work, right? On that calendar, you book appointments and meetings, right?

Schedule a 5-30 minute Mindfulness break each day.

Slot that calendar appointment in as if it is your very important annual review with your boss. During this time you can open up your Prezence app and complete a pause, meditation, journaling session, or set a new intention. If you’re feeling like a tech free practice, set a timer and close your eyes, or put your phone away and go for a quick walk. Notice how it feels to be out in nature. What’s the temperature? Is it sunny? Is it raining? Short dedicated breaks can boost your productivity and get you into a better mindset almost immediately.

What’s the most important thing you have to remember? Don’t delete that appointment. Treat it as if your life depends upon it. Only you can make the choice to nourish yourself with simple mindfulness and meditation breaks. So do it! Even better, tell your boss or a colleague. Accountability is massively helpful when building a new habit.

Are you going to give this a try? Tell us your plan below and get specific. What days and times are you scheduling the appointment for?

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