What the F is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness. It’s so hot right now. You will find the word hashtagged on every social media channel, printed on the cover of Yoga Journal and every one is talking about it. But what is it really? Overall, mindfulness is wildly misunderstood.

Mindfulness is the pause, the fleeting moment between an experience and your response. Mindfulness is witnessing each moment, as it exists, without judgement. Non-judgement allows you to receive the moment with honesty. Our ability to move through life with ease, lies in our willingness to step out of reaction. Reactions look like past wounds, preferences, insecurities and fears. Mindfulness is honoring the present moment. It is not the past. It is not the future.

Mindfulness is deeply felt. It is not spiritual bypassing or avoiding real, raw emotion. The only way out of something uncomfortable is through the experience. Life is a constant fluctuation between expansion and contraction. It is an ebb and flow, beautiful and terrifying in the same breath.

Mindfulness is self inquiry. Your level of awareness and personal development is directly related to the number of difficult conversations you are willing to have with yourself. What is the medicine of this experience? Where was I not being honest with myself? Where was I acting out of fear and why? How can I show up for myself differently in the future? Mindfulness is compassion. How do you treat someone who has hurt you? How do you hold yourself with love when you hurt you?

Mindfulness is more than yoga or meditation. These practices are a necessary piece of the puzzle, however they do not encompass the fullness of the theory. Mindfulness is the way you live your life; how you choose to show up for yourself first, and then others. Every moment is an opportunity to witness a miracle, however we are too busy doing or thinking, to notice. Embracing mindfulness in life, opens your heart to the wonder of truly being alive.

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