Why I meditate...

I meditate to create internal clarity, connection, and awareness so that my life moves in a direction that pleases my soul.

To me, Prezence means that I am dropped in, that I am aware and awake, that I am feeling my body, feeling my breath, hearing my heart, and fully experiencing the moment that is. It means I am listening, it means I am leaving space, it means I am responding, and most importantly it means I am in awe, wonder and reverence for this life. Each moment has purpose

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Rachel has been surrounded by yoga + meditation her whole life, really finding her own practice at age 15 with Vinyasa Yoga. Rachel sees yoga + meditation as a ritual, to connect the mind, body and spirit back to the truth of the soul. Rachel works to offer this in her teachings, with a single goal – to connect, inspire and uplift.


Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachpetri, or on her website, www.rachpetri.com.