Why I meditate...

I meditate in order to take time for myself so that I can better help others as a physician. If I do not meditate myself, I should not be recommending it to others and more importantly, meditating provides me with the ability to better understand and treat my patients, especially those with mental health issues.

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"Prezence means living in the now and not getting carried away with things that haven't happened yet. Many times, our anxiety and stressors come from events that have not occurred causing undue stress and more importantly, taking away from the present moment."

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My name is Dr. Robbi Bahniwal and I am a board certified Family Doctor in the USA 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦. I did my residency in the United States but was always a Canadian at heart, born and raised. Over the course of my US training I took all of my Canadian Exams and after a long journey, was granted my independent unrestricted license to practice in Canada 6 months ago. 2 months ago I decided to leave the USA and practice medicine full time in my home country of Canada. I am now located in Toronto, Canada and do broad spectrum family medicine. With the shortage of psychiatrists and counselors, I have started to take on more patients that require mental health assistance and care. This ranges from counseling, talk therapy to providing medications if necessary.

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