Why I meditate...

Even though I don’t have kids or have to take care of pets, I still find my day to day to be stressful sometimes and I constantly find myself thinking about tomorrow. Meditation is great for reminding me to just live in the present moment and know that I can’t change what’s happened and I can’t predict what might.

"For me, the present moment is magical. There is nothing to be done in the present moment except breathe. We have this mentality that if we’re awake we need to be on the move. But, sometimes what we really need is to stop and just be “present” and enjoy the fact that we are here, able to breathe."

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Listen today.

Hi, I'm Tai! I completed my undergrad and graduate degree at Babson College and I am currently working as a staff accountant at a private company.  In my free time I love visiting my family’s house in Maine, watching the family dogs (Rémy and Hinkley) and I truly love being outside, especially near the ocean.