Why I meditate...

I mediate so that I can simultaneously calm and recharge my brain. There is a certain power you give your mental space when you're able to pause, refill, and reset.

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Prezence means that I am giving gratitude to the space that I'm in at the moment.

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Ty Alexander is a bestselling author, speaker, podcaster and wellness blogger who teaches women how to choose gratitude over grief. In her writings and teachings, she blends radically honest stories with actionable “aha” lessons. In 2016, Ty fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Hailed as a must-read for women in search of guidance on how to make sense of their own grieving process, her debut book, "Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died", is available in bookstores everywhere.

Her first book drives home a resounding message. Women of color need a brave space to discuss their mental wellness without judgment or shame. Self Care IRL is Ty’s love letter to those women. This social wellness community was designed to help women cultivate life-shifting healing experiences. "Self Care IRL: the podcast' explores strategies and ideas for becoming your best self through active healing. As the host of the podcast, Ty takes listeners on a new journey to love shamelessly beyond the guilt, the baggage, and the insecurities that life plagues us with.


Follow Ty on Instagram @tyalexander, or on her website, tyalexander.co.