Enhance Your Wellbeing, Mindfully

Daily, clinically-supported, practices to help you be present.

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How to integrate Prezence into your day - Your Wellbeing Toolkit:

  • Journal

  • Meditate (3-20 minutes)

  • Set intentions

  • Select a focus area

  • Complete daily pauses to start/end your day (2 minutes)

  • Join Live meditations via Zoom 4x/week

Please download Prezence here. Use code "UNDERTONE" on the sign up form to unlock your access. If you are having any issues, please email hello@giveprezence.com with "Undertone" in the subject line. We'd be happy to assist you.

6 Meditations we recommend for you:

  • Sleep Better: Rest for Success (Jess Ray)

  • Build Habits: Setting Intention (Erica Bornstein)

  • Reduce Stress: Ride the Waves (Taryn Burns)

  • Be Present: Intro to Breathing (Catie)

  • Technology: Breathe Away Screen Fatigue (Rachel Petri)

  • For Parents: Parenthood as a Sacred Act (Jackie)


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Our weekly meditation schedule:

Monday 12pm EST

Wednesday 6pm EST

Thursday 7am EST

Friday 12pm EST

Zoom ID: 264 850 9067

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